Meta outlines other changes coming to their forgotten about device.
Screenshot of an email from Meta, telling Meta Quest VR owners that they will no longer have access to several social features soon, no new features will be released, and there is only one year left for security update support.

If you purchased the first release of the Meta Quest VR headset, you are probably already used to getting shafted on features and support. Ever since the Meta Quest 2 was released, parent company Meta has essentially abandoned releasing updates for the previous generation hardware.

Today, that feeling that Quest 1 owners had got that much more concrete with an email sent out by Meta. In the email, Meta says that they are making some changes to the Quest 1, which oddly includes the removal of several features that Quest 1 owners have had access to for a long while now.

Meta says that Quest 1 owners will still be able to use the Quest 1 headset and the available apps for it. They continue on to say that they will not be shipping any new features for the Quest 1, which probably isn't too shocking to hear. Despite not receiving any new features, the Quest 1 will still receive critical bug fixes and security patches until 2024.

The bad news here is that Meta is removing the ability for Quest 1 users to create or join parties with other users. Furthermore, even though Quest 1 users have had access to Meta Horizon Home social features, they will lose access to said features on March 5, 2023. This means Quest 1 users will not be able to invite others to their Home or even visit anybody else's Home.

The email from Meta was shared on Reddit's r/oculus a few hours prior to this news post going live.

The Meta Quest 1 was released in 2019. Its successor, the Quest 2, came out just a year later in 2020.