Konami to Reveal the Future of Silent Hill this Week


  • Konami to Reveal the Future of Silent Hill this Week

    It's almost time to see if any of those rumors are true.
    Silent Hill 2

    The official Silent Hill Twitter account came back to life today. The account tweeted out that there will be a special "Silent Hill Transmission" event set for Wednesday, October 19 at 2PM (PT).

    The announcement said that fans will learn about "the latest updates for the Silent Hill series." That's really all the information we were given outside of a link to the Silent Hill website. All the website seems to include right now is the date of the Silent Hill Transmission and some social media links.

    Given the multitude of rumors over the past several years about the Silent Hill franchise, literally anything could be shown off on Wednesday. This could include information about Silent Hill: The Short Message, a supposed "playable teaser" for a larger game that will come later. Silent Hill: The Short Message was recently rated in Korea.

    Obviously, there are also a lot of other rumors that have circulated recently. These include a Silent Hill 2 remake from Bloober Team, episodic releases from Annapurna Interactive, and even a completely new entry in the franchise. In before Wednesday's event announces a new Silent Hill pachislot release starring Chris Pratt as the voice of Pyramid Head.

    • cikame
      cikame commented
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      October 9th? That's only 356 days away :P

    • Shawn Zipay
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      cikame Aw fuck, I can't believe I've done this. Thanks for the heads up.
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