New jobs have been added, including the largest one yet.
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Those of you who like to relax by playing a game where you do work are in luck. New content was just released for PowerWash Simulator.

Today's new content release includes four new maps, including one which is said to be the largest one created thus far by the devs at FuturLab. This update is free to everyone that owns this Steam Early Access release.

The 0.8 update includes those four new jobs, Vintage Car challenges, and some additional cosmetic items.

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POWERWASH SIMULATOR lets players wash away their worries with the soothing sounds of high-pressure water. Players can build their very own power washing business and blast away every speck of dirt and grime that they can find. With a unique take on the simulation genre, POWERWASH SIMULATOR focuses on player relaxation and escapism.

In the latest update, wash away decades of dirt and unearth some of the town's hidden history in the abandoned Subway Platform, our largest level yet! From uncovering the past to discovering your future, clean the Caravan of a travelling Fortune Teller who already knows you'll do an excellent job.

That's not all for this update; take a trip to the desert and help Harper reveal the mysteries of an Ancient Statue, then assist a pilot with the eggy engine of their Stunt Plane. On top of all that, test yourself with the Vintage Car Water and Time Challenges, and get fancy with a brand-new washer skin and gloves.