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Rugby, the sport that probably began in 1845 in the market town of Rugby, Warwickshire, England, hasn't really been depicted in video game form all that often. Rugby 22 is looking to change that with yesterday's release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

Rugby 22 includes some new major national teams for the first time ever. These teams include the Wallabies, the official Australian team, and the New Zealand All Blacks. Both the New Zealand All Blacks and the French team have had their faces scanned into the game to be as "represented as faithfully as possible" to their real-world counterparts. This is Eko Software's first foray into using photogrammetry technology.

Those of you who own the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One digital versions of Rugby 22 will get free upgrades to the PlayStation 5 version and Xbox Series X|S versions for free. This deal seems to be available only until April 28, 2022 though.

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Reminder of RUGBY 22 features:
  • Play with your favorite team - Rugby 22 features the vast majority of the major national teams, with their players and official jerseys: New Zealand, Australia, France, Fiji, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales, Japan and Georgia.
  • Take the field, alone or with others - Play alone or in multiplayer, locally and online, through different modes to play with friends or let matchmaking find you an opponent!
  • Discover Career Mode - Create your own club in Career Mode, climb the ranks, build your dream team and compete with the best teams in the world!
  • Play like the pros - Enjoy an increasingly realistic rugby simulation with real tactical depth. Play as a pod, set your wing positions, define your defense, and make clever combinations to get the better of your opponent.
  • Authentic experience - Rugby 22 offers a real rugby experience with photogrammetry to represent the star players and animations that are as close as possible to the real players' movements thanks to motion capture technology, all in the rugby style for an intense experience.
  • Practice - With new in-game tutorials, learn the basics of the sport and practice to become the best player!