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Compared to simple video game systems, consoles have evolved into better entertainment devices at an incredible speed, and the most prominent example of such consoles is Sony's PlayStation 4. If you want to listen to your favorite songs or watch movies and TV shows on popular streaming platforms, everything is possible with a Playstation Plus membership.

With these above features and so many other features, you can quickly get the most out of your Console, but there are some areas where not every console user is the expert. This article features some tips to help you master your gaming console in no time, while improving your playstyle.

Extend storage of your Console

The size of modern games increases with each year, and some of this year's biggest titles are massive in size. You won't even notice, and your hard drive will fill up after installing a few games. There are only two options left in such situations, i.e., uninstall older games or replace the hard disk drive.

Use PS Plus to Save Games

No matter how big your hard disk is, you don't want to waste it by installing games that you have already played for quite some time now. One way of doing so is by using the PS plus subscription to add games to an online library and download them later with a single click. All your games will be safe until your PS plus account is active.

Enable Data Back-Up and Cloud Saves

Sony does everything to ensure the data safety of their users, and they enable users to back up their data whenever they want as there is no guarantee of data recovery from faulty hardware. With Playstation Plus, you can save your data to a cloud server on the internet while backup data on an external storage device with the free version.

Remap Controller Buttons

Although the default control scheme is universal, some players don't like the layout, which is good news for them. They can remap buttons from the Customization section in the settings menu.

Simplify content sharing

Whenever you reach milestones or clear a difficult level in your favorite game, the first thing you want to do is share the moment with the gaming community. PlayStation comes up with a feature to share screenshots directly. You can change settings to choose the function of each button.

Download and Use PlayStation Mobile App

Sony's work is at a limited scale in the mobile gaming sector, but the few attempts are successful, and PlayStation mobile app is one such attempt. Although you won't play games on the mobile app, it features messaging, in-app purchases, trophies, and remote game downloads.

Use Share Play and Play Friend's game

With the Share Play feature, you can join your friends in party mode and spectate their gameplay or remotely play with them. To enjoy Share play, you need to buy the Playstation Plus membership first and can spectate one play at a time.