An animated show based off of the game arrives February 18.
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Netflix announced today that The Cuphead Show will make its grand debut on February 18. This is a new animated series based off of the indie platformer Cuphead, a challenging title that featured beautifully drawn retro style animations.

Cuphead, the game, was released back in 2017. It blended together difficult 2D side-scrolling action with hard boss fights with the occasional 2D action-platforming sections. The game oozed style thanks to those hand-drawn animations and catchy jazz-like soundtrack.

The Cuphead Show, the show, seems to feature a similar style to the game. It also features talking animals, talking vegetables, dance numbers, violence, and a soul-eating skeeball machine. The Netflix series consists of 12 episodes each running for 12 minutes a piece. Tru Valentino voices Cuphead, Frank Todaro is Mugman, Joe Hanna is Elder Kettle, Luke Millington-Drake is the Devil, Grey Griffin voices Ms. Chalice, and Wayne Brady voices King Dice.