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Video games are a great form of entertainment, and really not many would disagree. However, the online world is full of other games that, although not action-packed, with a whole well-developed narrative and carefully created characters, are still great fun. Have you ever wondered what you can play instead of video games, especially on mobile devices?

Where to play online games?

It’s easy to say that online games are great fun, but where to find them? Not all sites and platforms are safe and secure. Some web pages require setting up an account, so before you do that, it’s worth making sure the page has all the necessary protocols (like SSL and HTTPS) and security measures. After all, you are giving away personal information, so you should check the site’s reliability. It’s worth having your own protection, too, especially when you are using a mobile phone. Smartphones are now the devices that are used to log in to bank accounts and such, so antivirus software and a VPN service are a must.

Depending on what types of games you seek, you can choose from various platforms and apps. As you are not looking for video games, at first it might seem difficult to find something suitable. A good choice might be the diverse games in online casinos such as Every player might select the best option to bet and play. Its main advantage is that these are not just games, but also a great opportunity to win money in a safe, tried-and-tested way. There are different options, too, some of them require downloading apps, while others are available entirely online through search engines.

What to play?

As you know where to look for online games that are not based on narrative, full of characters video games, let’s take a look at some of the best options available.

Bingo is a great option to kill some time when waiting at the airports, bus or train stations and generally to relax. It’s not a game for the elderly, as most people think. In a traditional version, players receive a card and those who can complete a column, row, or diagonal with the numbers drawn from the pool, win. Bingo, this game of chance, is also available online, with real prizes or simply for the sake of fun. Definitely worth a try. There are other games of chance to try, from the easy ones to the real blood-rushers.

Card games
Who said you can only play card games in real life and that you need a pack of friends to have fun? The online world offers this form of entertainment for everyone - from card solitaire games to poker. There is an option for everyone. Card games might be relaxing, challenging and a serious way of earning money. There is truly something for everyone, and in most of them, the rules are easy enough to catch the whole point of the game within a few minutes, which leaves plenty of time to just have fun. If you don’t know where to start, you can always make use of a list of popular card games online.

Logic games
Yet another group of fun options to try, instead of just video games, are logic games. It’s a vast category, which includes classics like a chess game and other, more modern ones. Logic games are not only a great way to spend time, especially when you have too much of it on your hands, but they can also help you train and develop your brain. It’s a win-win situation when you have fun that is also beneficial.

Just have fun

Games in any form are not only a great form of entertainment, but they are also educating, beneficial and developing. Game-based learning has numerous advantages, so don’t feel remorse about killing time with a smartphone in your hand, playing a game. Remember, there are almost endless possibilities when it comes to choosing entertainment, and it does not have to be necessarily a video game. Logic games, card ones or games of chance are just examples of what you can choose over narrative-based productions, and all are equally challenging and engaging.