Is it rollerblades? Can we finally skitch in Mario Kart?
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Mario Kart 9 is reportedly in "active development." This is according to industry analyst Dr. Serkan Toto who contributed to an article for where he shared his gaming predictions for 2022. Dr. Toto says that a new entry in the long-running racing series is coming.

He says that he is "aware Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still selling very well on the Nintendo Switch, but Mario Kart 9 is in active development." He notes that Nintendo may offer up a teaser for the game to fans before the end of the year.

In addition, Dr. Toto says that Mario Kart 9 will introduce a "new twist" on the familiar formula. Unfortunately, he did not elaborate on what he thought this twist might be. However, unique twists to the formula aren't exactly uncommon to the franchise. Games like Mario Kart Double Dash featured dual-character racing karts. Mario Kart 8 had a lot of anti-grav segments.

Though I'm personally hoping for the addition of rollerblades, skateboards, street luge, and bicycles for that true ESPN Extreme Games or Skitchin' experience, fans have other theories. The most popular fan theory suggests that the next Mario Kart will expand the roster beyond the Mario characters and incorporate characters from other popular Nintendo franchises. Another popular theory is that Nintendo will add in some sort of a damage system that may necessitate the use of pitstops during races.