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Grifter and master of hyperbole, Peter Molyneux, just announced his newest "game." It's called Legacy and it will be the first foray for the beguiled creator into the world of blockchain gaming. Legacy will be built entirely around the idea of blockchain technologies, NFTs, and "crypto gaming."

This weekend at the Gala Games' Galaverse in Las Vegas, Molyneux announced Legacy to the world. He's calling it a "blockchain business sim." Molyneux's development studio, 22cans, have apparently been working on Legacy for a little while now. They were then contacted by Gala Games to make something powered by the blockchain. It just so happens that Legacy fit in perfectly with that idea.

An announcement blog from Molyneux and 22cans attempts to explain what Legacy is.

In Legacy, players will create digital products and buildings from a bunch of different parts. These creations are assembled by workers. Once completed, players can then trade these creations with other players around the world in an effort to "dominate" the market.

There will also be some in-game events and competitions that could reward players with real money and other prizes. Before you can begin playing Legacy, however, you need to buy a "Land" NFT. You can buy it by using a new cryptocurrency called LegacyCoin, which is a part of the Ethereum blockchain.

Molyneux had a string of great game ideas in a time long since passed. He brought games like Black & White and Fable to the world. Though he often over promised and under delivered, those games were still considered to be fantastic by most of the gaming community. Since then, Molyneux and 22cans have created some questionable games.

He created Curiosity, an "experiment" that just had players repeatedly tapping at a virtual cube to try to reach the center. The person who reached the center first would be rewarded with a cut of the profits from 22cans' next title, Godus. Godus entered into Steam Early Access in 2014.

Godus is still listed as being in "Early Access" here in December 2021. The game has not been updated since 2016 but is still being sold through Steam for $15. At last check, the individual that completed Curiosity, Bryan Henderson, still has not received any sort of monetary compensation.