Believe. Er, Become.
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343 Industries and Microsoft just released a couple of new live-action trailers for Halo Infinite this weekend. Actually, they released a long version and a short version of the same trailer, perhaps for those with different attention spans.

The long version of the trailer is entitled "Forever We Fight" and takes viewers through different periods of time. We see people rising up to the challenge in front of them and overcoming obstacles be it during times of war, rescue operations, or going where no man has gone before. I suppose it goes to show that there's a little bit of Master Chief in all of us. Or those are Master Chief's ancestors. This could go either way.

The dark yet hopeful tones set in the trailer may remind you a bit of the previous Halo advertising campaigns. Specifically, you may immediately think back to the "Believe" trailer for Halo 3, or even the "Starry Night" ad that was also for Halo 3.

Today's new trailer dropped alongside a new promotion that lets you "become" Master Chief. The site uses a webcam photo to turn you into Master Chief. It seems you're also giving them permission to maybe use your photo in another upcoming promotional video.

The Halo Infinite campaign is slated for release on December 8. We recently got a fresh look at the campaign gameplay. The free-to-play multiplayer for Halo Infinite also released as a beta the other week. The multiplayer, while mechanically sound, does have some teething issues with how the Battle Pass and seasonal events are handled.