D.C. Douglas seems to have intentionally broken his NDA.
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The voice actor behind Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil franchise seems to have intentionally broken an NDA with Capcom to share confidential concept art for the unannounced Resident Evil 4 remake. The art was captured and shared via Twitter from the @BewareCreepyVAs account. The art seems to show Wesker's appearance in what may be the Separate Ways portion of the still unannounced remake.

Another tweet by the same account shows what appears to be Douglas sharing the same artwork with fans and telling them not to post it publicly. It seems Douglas knew what he was doing was against his NDA but continued to share it regardless.

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It seems as though D.C. Douglas deleted his Twitter account shortly after the image made its way online. It's either that, or it was deleted when the @BewareCreepyVAs account shared evidence of how Douglas allegedly abused his position to "manipulate and groom young fans" as well as exchange sexual favors for bookings at conventions.

Capcom has not issued any sort of a statement about this apparent leak. They have also not commented on if they will continue to employ Douglas after this whole incident.

There are a few other actors who could easily replace Douglas as the voice of Wesker in the Resident Evil 4 remake, or any other future Resident Evil titles. Richard Waugh was the voice of Wesker in the original release of Resident Evil 4. He also voiced Wesker in Resident Evil - Code: Veronica. Even Lance Reddick would be a viable alternative. Reddick is playing Wesker in the upcoming live-action Resident Evil series on Netflix.

The remake of Resident Evil 4 has been rumored to be in development since around 2018. Development was initially led by M-Two, a development studio started by some former PlatinumGames employees. M-Two's role was apparently reduced earlier this year with Capcom's Division 1 team taking the lead. Division 1 is Capcom's internal studio that is responsible for development of the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games.