This new series is being created thanks to Binge.
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The multiplayer FPS, Hunt: Showdown is being turned into a live-action TV series thanks to Binge. Don't know what Binge is? It's apparently an upcoming streaming platform that will launch in 2022.

Crytek announced this new Hunt: Showdown series by way of a new blog posting. Crytek co-founder and CEO Avni Yerli, co-founder Faruk Yerli, and CryEngine director Pascal Tonecker will all serve as executive producers in addition to producers from Binge.

Binge is pushing itself a new streaming platform that will focus on original shows that are based on popular video games and popular content creators. Users of Binge will be able to watch through their TV, mobile devices, and consoles for free. However, there will be a way to earn "Bytz" for watching content, but it's unknown just what those will be used for.

Binge is also working on live-actions series for both System Shock and the Driver franchise.

Hunt: Showdown, the game, came out in 2018. The game is very much a PvPvE style of game. Players go against groups of other hunters while also battling various AI foes and larger boss targets. All of this takes place in late 1800's Louisiana bayou settings.