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When Apple launched their app store back in 2008, there were 500 apps available, and now there are over 2.2 million.

On the Android equivalent, Google Play store, there are almost 3.5 million. It just proves how apps have become a part of our everyday lives. They’re everywhere on games consoles, virtual reality devices, even our TVs, and mobile phone and tablets.

There are apps for almost every purpose, with new ones releasing all the time, and one area of growth over the past few years has been in iGaming. These apps allow online gamers to bet on the outcome of a game or event via the internet, covering everything from sports betting, online casinos, poker betting, or even live gameshow-style programs all broadcast over the information superhighway. These user-friendly, all-in solutions add new convenience for players looking to enjoy their gaming wherever they are. It shows too, with iGaming revenues earned in the third quarter of 2021 surpassed over $938million, which is a new record and a 617% growth over the same period just two years ago, according to the American Gaming Association.

The demand from players is there, and the increase in interest brings more apps to choose from. Let’s look at how you can choose the right app and enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest.

Variety of options

A wide variety of games is a key weapon in the online casino app’s arsenal. As a consumer, you will likely want to find a provider that offers multiple games, so using a single deposit you can play a range of games. An example of this is the Ladbrokes casino app, which features games such as Big Banker Slots and Exclusive Live Blackjack. They vary significantly from each other, as many of the games featured on the app do, providing variety for the player. If an app provides these multiple choices of gameplay options that suit your tastes, then it’s likely that you won’t have to look much further. It pays to look around to see if the games available match your interests.

Additional features

Beyond the games themselves, some app providers will offer loyalty bonuses or odds boosts to retain the player within their app. These can range from an extra top-up to your deposit on initially signing up, loyalty bonuses for placing a certain amount of wagers or even specially raised odds for popular events when it comes to sports betting. It’s worth looking around to match up these offers to your preferred gaming choice.


Safety and security are vital for online gaming, so it pays to stay with reputable, well-known sources. The top online casino operators will ensure that there is SSL encryption on their app, which is crucial. The information you’re sending and receiving from the casino to your device will be secure, preventing hackers from reading it. You will see that with the ‘lock’ symbol on the browser bar, so you know that they’re utilizing the technology. A trustworthy casino app will also be licensed (and publish their license number) and regulated, although players must be aware of the laws within their state ahead of play.

While there are a large number of casino apps out there, you may wish to dip in and out of them before settling on your favorite one. It’s a little like playing a free trial on Battlefield 2042 before deciding to invest your hard-earned cash on the full experience. If you want to enjoy your time gaming in the casino online, it pays to spend some time looking at the right one with small stakes to put the odds in your favor.