There is nothing that a scalper won't sell.
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The Xbox Series X mini fridge that went up for sale this morning. All stock seemingly sold out in under 15 minutes according to some hopeful buyers on Twitter. This mini fridge is modeled after the Xbox Series X game console and retails for just $99.99 (USD).

Naturally, there are already plenty of listings on eBay from a number of scalpers that are trying to sell the mini fridge for more than double at the cheapest and more than triple the retail price at worst. A look at the eBay listings show prices that range from $230 to $380 at present.

These mini fridges were sold exclusively through Target in the United States and GAME stores in the UK. Microsoft says that they will have more units available for sale later this year. It would probably be a smart move to wait for the stock to come back to avoid these scalper prices.

This fridge actually began as a bit of a meme following the console's initial reveal back in 2019. People said the Series X looked like a fridge. Microsoft then ran with the idea, making a full sized Series X fridge in 2020.