The studio promises to communicate with the community better.
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Niantic, the studio behind Pokemon Go, announced various changes that they will be making to help address some of the recent, controversial changes that they made to the game.

The company did announce that the interaction radius for PokeStops and Gyms will remain at 80 meters instead of the proposed 40 meters. Niantic also says that they will roll out seasonal bonuses on a global level instead of just doing it country-by-country. They go on to say that they will share regular developer diaries and conversations with community leaders.

The first developer diary will be shared in October. From there, a new diary will be shared at the rate of about one per month. The diaries will focus on the current (at the time) priorities for the studio. They will also announce upcoming events and new features in these diaries. The list of Known Issues for Pokemon Go will be maintained on the Pokemon Go website.

We should be communicating and engaging more with Trainers. I hope that, with your patience and understanding, we can do better here. There are many ways we can improve, but to start, we’re making the following commitments to you:
  • Starting in October, we will begin publishing a developer diary every other month to share the latest priorities, events, and features for the game.
  • We are going to set up regular conversations with community leaders to continue the dialogue we began this month.
  • We will continue our work on updating the Known Issues page and in those efforts, will prioritize bringing greater visibility into the status of existing bugs for Trainers.
We love how passionate Pokémon GO Trainers are about this game, and we want you to know how passionate we are about the game and community as well. The lack of communication regarding the PokéStop and Gym interaction radius was not handled well on our part, and it was a great learning experience on how to better engage with our players moving forward. Our top priority is and always has been to get people outside into the real world and creating human connections with each other. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us -- you’ll hear from us again soon.