Grab a friend for some "co-op racing chaos."
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Developer SplitSide Games just announced that their unique co-op racing game Fling to the Finish is now available through Steam Early Access on PC today. You and a friend can test out your friendship with "daring acrobatics and hilarious fails" for $14.99 (USD), with a bonus 20% launch discount.

Fling to the Finish features teams of two racing through an obstacle filled course while being tethered by a stretchy rope. You will need to communicate with your team to work your way through the levels. Those who are skilled, or lucky, will be able to utilize the rope with ease to swing around obstacles and fling their partner up to ledges.

Players looking for an added challenge can even share a controller to play. There are both local and online competitive modes. Don't have any friends? Don't worry because there are a "variety of game modes offering challenging solo-play."

There are over a dozen character to choose from. Each level also includes its own theme and style that will challenge players in new ways. The game is releasing to Early Access with 12 levels, 4 game modes, 12 playable characters, and over 20 character skins. New content such as levels, abilities, characters, skins, and game modes, will be added throughout the Early Access phase.

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