The latest release of Madden is now available to everyone.
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Are. You. Ready? It's almost football season once again and you can tell because a new Madden game has just been released. EA Sports Madden NFL 22 is out now for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Stadia, mobile, and PC via either Origin or Steam. The game features Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes on the cover for this year's iteration.

This year's release continues the tradition that began last year, in that there are a bunch of features that are exclusive to the next-gen consoles that won't be found on PC, PS4, or XB1. Everything marked with an asterisk (*) below is a next-gen only feature. So, let's take a look at that.

Madden NFL 22 is where gameday happens and arrives with new innovation Dynamic Gameday*, powered by all-new features Gameday Momentum*,Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI*, and Gameday Atmosphere*, impacting gameplay in every mode to make each game feel fresh with a deeper level of strategy and storytelling.

Madden NFL 22delivers the true-to-life impact of game changing moments that swing momentum in or out of a team’s favor with new Gameday Momentum* performance-based mechanics, including the fan-favorite Home Field Advantages* which provide a unique game condition tailored to each of the 32 NFL teams. The integration of the real-world player data in Madden NFL through the NFL’s Next Gen Stats continues to power more realistic player movement, and brings the personalities and tendencies of both players and teams to life with Star-Driven AI*. Players can connect to their NFL fandom through Gameday Atmosphere* which delivers presentation elements that enhance and impact every game.
The real saving grace here is the fact the PS4, XB1, and PC versions of the game start at only $59.99 (USD) while the PS5 and Series X|S release begins at $69.99. Something something next-gen tax, something something PC isn't next-gen. You know how this goes.