This is apparently a big deal because they sent out a press release.
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We typically never get any new emails about what Discord is doing. That all changed today when they sent me a press release talking about their new Threads system for conversations. So I'm going to assume here that these Threads are a pretty big deal if they're actually sending out press releases concerning their updates now.

What are Threads? Threads are a way to split off a topic of conversation into their own "thread" from the main chat channel. Want to keep talking about your new puppy in a chat that's about animals? Take it to a Thread. Want to talk about playing some Apex Legends in a gaming channel? To the Threads with you!

You get the idea.

Threads can be started from an existing message by hovering over it and choosing the new "#" button. You can even create a Thread from scratch by pressing the "+" button in your chat bar and selecting "Create Thread." Opening a Thread from the chat will pop open a split-view panel on the right side. Active Threads will also appear in the Channel List and clicking one will bring you to the full-screen version.

There can even be some private Threads if you have a server boosted to Level 2. Boosted servers can also increase how long a Thread stays active until it's archived, up to one week instead of the normal 24 hours.

Discord says that Threads are now available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web version of Discord. Of course, I'm using Discord right now and I don't see Threads anywhere, so who knows when exactly it'll roll out to you. They even made a really weird video announcing the arrival of Threads.

A Thread is a quick way to branch a conversation off of a channel’s main feed without removing it from the channel itself. When a Thread is posted, every response after the first post appears in a separate feed which allows everyone in the Thread to discuss a topic in more detail without interrupting the main conversation. After a certain period of inactivity — 24 hours by default — the Thread is archived, clearing away the clutter for everyone visiting the channel.