Who knew racing could be so dramatic?
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Codemasters and big papa EA announced GRID Legends today. This is a new racing game that places players "at the heart of the action" thanks to it having an "immersive story." On top of the drama filled story, GRID Legends will also feature a variety of race tracks and city circuits to race on, assuming you like racing in your racing games.

There is also a new race creator that will allow players to select mixed-class vehicles to form really whacky combinations of cars and trucks all racing together at once. Mix and match vehicle classes, circuits, and other customization options in this creator mode.

GRID Legends is looking to be released in 2022 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Are you prepared for all the drama and theatrics?

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The legendary GRID World Series returns and, this year, players are front and centre in a fly-on-the-wall documentary that captures every moment on and off the track. Drivers encounter fierce personalities, internal team politics and the infamous Ravenwest Motorsport, which hopes to take a sixth World Championship. Developed using innovative virtual production, which brings players closer to the action, the underdog tale features an eclectic cast, including award-winning British actor Ncuti Gatwa.

GRID Legends delivers drama across every inch of the track. Unique driver personality AI creates unpredictable racing as cars jostle for a place on the podium. Compete on over 130 routes, including real-life tracks such as Brands Hatch and Indianapolis, to iconic GRID city circuits like San Francisco, Paris, and more. Race and upgrade over 100 vehicles from classic touring cars to big rigs, single-seaters, to stadium trucks. With the inclusion of the race creator, players can take their favourite mixed-class rides onto the track and battle it out online.