Let the wild speculation begin!
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Fans are already starting to speculate as to what the mysterious Project 2021B is that was recently listed by the Australian Classification Board. This is seemingly a new project that id Software is working on. All we know right now is that it has been given an M (Mature) rating for violence and online interactivity. We also know that it's going to be multiplatform and it will be a computer game.

For those keeping track at home, you may be reminded of when Project 2021A first surfaced on the same website back in January. Some cyber sleuths assumed that 2021A would end up being DOOM Eternal VR, though nothing has been quite confirmed on that front just yet. In fact, it is very possible that Project 2021A was just the working title for DOOM 3: VR Edition that came out for PlayStation VR earlier this year. The difference between 2021A and 2021B is the fact that the former is rated R18+ for high impact violence and it's listed as a virtual reality title.

So what could 2021B be? Some are speculating that this could be for the long rumored Quake reboot. Others suggest that maybe it's a compilation of older Quake ports with minimal upgrades made to them. To that end, it's speculated that whatever it is may be revealed during QuakeCon 2021, taking place from August 19-21.