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The free game for the week from the Epic Games Store is none other than Among Us. Those of you who do not yet own the game can pick it up from the Epic Games Store until June 3 at 11AM.

Among Us is a game played with between 4 and 10 players online or through LAN. You are tasked with repairing your ship, but one (or more) of the Crew are Imposters that are trying to kill everyone.

This release features cross-play with others on the PC, Android, and iOS.

Among Us
Life as a Crewmate: Complete all your tasks on the ship to win, but watch out for Impostors! Report dead bodies and call emergency meetings to vote the Impostors out. Hope you chose correctly!

Play as an Impostor: Cause chaos, sneak around, and frame innocent bystanders! Winning involves killing off every Crewmate - think you’re a master of sabotage?

Customization: Choose how you want to play! Add more impostors, tasks, decrease visibility and more. All in style as you get to choose your favorite color, outfit, and hat.