And yet there's still one mystery still undiscovered.
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The original Xbox came out in November 2001, nearly 20 years ago now. Despite being out for roughly two decades, the original black monolith still has some secrets to uncover. The latest of which was just discovered this week thanks to a developer tip that was shared with Kotaku. The tip talked about how to trigger the secret, which displays a credits scene showing a list of those that worked on the original Xbox Dashboard.

To access this newly discovered old Easter egg, you will need to insert a music CD and go to the Music section of the dashboard. On the Audio CD screen, you must select "Copy," then click "Copy" again, and then select "New Soundtrack." You must put in the name "Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" (that's 26 Ys).

Once the tracks are copied, you need to head back to the main menu on the dashboard. Then you must go to "Settings" and select "System Info." A new screen will be there that lists four members of the Xbox Dashboard Team. A video of this entire process can be found below.

This is a new Easter egg that joins the previously known "<<Eggsβox>>" one. This is where you go into the CD ripping screen and name a new rip "<<Eggsβox>>". As soon as you hit "done" this triggers a different credit roll after which the console will reboot.

According to the "father of the Xbox," Seamus Blackley, there is still at least one more secret still to be discovered. This one seems to involve the original Xbox boot animation.