It will be limited to select Vanguard Strikes.
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From May 25 through May 27, Bungie will begin testing crossplay functionality in Destiny 2. ON those dates, the beta will consist of unique Vanguard Strikes. This will be the first step to enabling crossplay across the entire suite of game modes for Destiny 2 players.

The announcement of next week's beta test was revealed through Bungie's latest developer blog.

The beta will be open to all players across the PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia platforms. Those that participate in the crossplay beta will get an exclusive Star Crossed emblem in-game reward. You can see a picture of what that looks like above.

As this is a beta, there are some limitations outside of it just being limited to Vanguard Strikes. For instances, players will not be able to add friends or form fireteams with those on other platforms during the beta. These features will be enabled in the final release.