Onward will still be supported on all current platforms.
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Onward is a fairly popular VR mil-sim (military simulator) that has found moderate success through Steam since its release in 2016. This past week Facebook acquired Outward's developer, Downpour Interactive. Downpour's developers will be rolled into the Oculus Studios team "in some capacity."

As part of Oculus Studios, Downpour Interactive will be working on the future of Outward along with future projects. Facebook says that the "hope to bring those experiences to as many people as possible" but have no details to share at this time. Whether or not this means future, non-Outward, projects will be limited to the Oculus ecosystem remains to be seen but chances are pretty high of this being the case.

Facebook does say that Outward will not be removed from non-Oculus platforms and will "continue to be supported on all its current platforms."

Facebook also notes that they are still continuing to look into investments that will further the Oculus platform, or "accelerate VR" in their PR speak. This includes "investments in third-party content, AAA IP, hardware, and more." So, expect more of these studio acquisitions to take place, paving a way for a future of VR locked to the Oculus ecosystem and thus locked to Facebook integration.