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For this weekend you can play Titanfall 2 for free through Steam. The much beloved game recently saw player counts high all new highs in the wake of the new Apex Legends season, so why not pump those numbers up even higher?

To participate in the free Steam weekend for Titanfall 2, simply head on over to the aptly named Titanfall 2 Steam page. From there you are free to download the game. You have until May 3 at 10AM (PT) for the free weekend. If you like what you played, you can keep playing for $29.99 (USD). It does not appear as though the game is on sale during this time as is usual with these free weekends. However, $30 is still a good price for it if you don't want to wait for a sale...

Titanfall 2 recently saw player counts increase by over 600% in just two days earlier this week. It saw the peak player count go from under 2K in March to almost 6.9K in the past 30 days. This increase was most likely due to a recent sale of the game that saw it going for 75% off of its normal price earlier this month.

The player count increase also probably came about after the announcement of the recent Legacy season for Apex Legends, which is set to begin on May 4. There is a lot of tie-in content with the Titanfall franchise coming with the Legacy season and it probably reminded people that yeah, Titanfall 2 is still around and still fun!