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Team17 is set to publish a "grueling action RPG" called Thymesia later on this year. OverBorder Studio is currently developing the game that is targeting a PC release in 2021. The game will "challenge players with fast-paced melee combat while they unravel the mysteries that haunt the harrowingly beautiful world."

Players will be in control of Corvus, a character that can seize enemy diseases and use them as weapons. As is the case with games of this genre, there will be a variety of offensive abilities, parry moves, and plenty of dodges. Yes, there will also be ways to customize Corvus to suit your play style. There will also be ways to upgrade and improve your stats as you work to recover their memories.

Key Features
  • Weaponising diseases: As Corvus, players can seize diseases from enemies and wield them as deadly weapons.
  • Engaging combat: Players will need to use their entire arsenal to avoid death; dodging attacks and parrying at precisely the right time will be instrumental to survival.
  • A dark and deadly world: With a sinister and gloomy backdrop, Thymesia oozes character through its environments and setting.
  • Unforgiving enemies: Corrupted by the plague, and mutated into monsters, the enemies are twisted and incredibly hostile, challenging players at every turn.
  • Replayability: The ability to customise Corvus and try different builds, coupled with the multiple different endings available, means no two playthroughs are ever the same.