Will it live or die? Only EA knows right now.
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According to a new report by Bloomberg, the fate of Anthem's future might be decided later this week. The company seems unsure whether or not they are going to continue investing in the massive overhaul currently underway for their "failed" looter-shooter.

What we know right now is that EA execs will be meeting this week to determine whether or not they will abandon the BioWare game for good or let it continue on its current planned redemption arc. Last year, it was revealed that some 30 people were still working on the game. However, Bloomberg suggests that at "least triple" that amount would be needed to finish overhauling the game and continue making new content for it.

This small team was assembled after Anthem was launched in February 2019 to less than favorable reviews. Though it didn't bomb sales-wise, it was a bomb in the eyes of critics and the player base quickly fell off a cliff. The person leading the charge forward with planned changes, executive producer Christian Dailey, left the company in December.

Later this week, EA executives will take a look at the latest version of Anthem Next and decide its fate. Anthem Next was set to include major overhauls to the game's core systems, including gameplay changes, loot adjustments, and a near full user interface redesign. It is not made clear right now whether any of these changes will actually be implemented into the game.