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Come February, Season 08 for Apex Legends will kick off. Today, a new trailer blasts its way to your eyeballs courtesy of the game's new hero, Fuse. The Respawn developed battle royale game brings a little Mayhem to the festivities, which is appropriate given that Mayhem is the name of the game's eighth season of content.

Fuse is a Aussie with an attitude. I know, hard to believe. He loves explosives and apparently he loves being the center of attention.

King's Canyon, the game's OG map, will be making a comeback but this time with a new makeover. A mountain was blown up, there's now a large destroyed ship embedded in the ground. It's a whole thing, most of which you will be able to see if you check out the new trailer for Season 08 below!

Season 08 also includes a new lever-action rifle, the 30-30 Repeater. It also includes a new ranked season of play, dozens of new cosmetics to unlock, and a fresh battle pass for those of you who are in to those sorts of things. Look for all of this when Season 08, Mayhem, launches on February 2.