Gaming and gambling are very similar, so similar that the industry is using these two terms interchangeably on many occasions. However, they have one big difference—gaming relies on skill, while gambling relies on chance. But how similar these activities really are?

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History of gambling and gaming

In the past, video games didn’t contain any elements of gambling. People played games for fun and not for prizes and bonuses. However, times are changing, and several games today provide their users with a chance to gamble. Why? Well, the gambling industry figured out that most gambling games are not fun for users, especially younger ones, so they upgraded to real video games. Plus, the number of gamers is much bigger than that of gamblers, so they have a larger market.

Additionally, the internet made both gaming and gambling much more widespread. With a bigger frequency of these games, people become greedy, want to earn rewards and more and more users are getting attracted to real money gaming.

You have to play the game

The first link between gaming and gambling is the fact that both are games that users need to play to win. Every player needs to invest time, money or both in order to try their hand. If you win, you get a game bonus or prize money. In some new games, bonuses one earns in the game can be exchanged for real-world currency. Both are attractive pastimes that can also get you a nice cash prize. Now that you can actually play your favorite video game and still get a chance to gamble, it’s not a surprise that more and more people are engaging in this type of hobby.

Can you earn money?

One of the biggest similarities between gambling and gaming is the fact that you can earn money. In certain video games, the player can win rewards that can be exchanged for virtual currency or real-world currency. If you play, make achievements and hit high scores, you can win currencies. Gaming currency can also be bought with money or through online market exchange.

With online gambling, one uses real money to place bets on different casino games. If they win, they get their money back plus the pot they scored. Respected online casino review sites like Casino Bros give people access to various legit websites where they can enjoy a variety of games. Some games can be even played for free without any monetary rewards, which is very similar to regular gaming.

What about addiction?

Both activities, gambling and gaming, can be addictive, so their use should be monitored and limited. If a gamer fails to regulate their playing time, they can fall deeper into the trap of addiction. After you lose a game, you might be tempted to try again and play more. The anger of losing is often stronger than the feelings of lost time and money. Blinded by the loss, you might start making emotional decisions, and with time, develop behavioral problems due to spending too much time in the virtual world.

Similarly, a gambler can lose control of their money and start betting more and more until they find themselves in debt. Luckily, there are clinics and counseling offices that help people with gambling or gaming addictions offering advice, support and psychological help.


With both gaming and online gambling, many illegal/unregulated websites manage to escape the law due to unfit international regulatory practices. So, every online gamer or gambler needs to be careful when managing real-life currency. If you place bets or buy loot boxes, you can lose all your money instead of winning rewards. Every time you play, choose a licensed website to stay safe from fraud.

As you can see, gaming and gambling have many things in common. When done properly, both can be harmless and fun pastimes, so game and bet responsibly and enjoy your wins.