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Love it or hate it, the Epic Games Store sure is good for getting free games. They usually give out about two games per week through their storefront. However, starting on December 17, the Epic Games Store will start to give out a free game per day for a period of 15 days.

This announcement accompanies news that the Epic Games Store holiday sale will begin on the same day, December 17. This sale will see games going for about 75% off of their regular price. Obviously, not everything will be that cheap.

As is usual with Epic's free game giveaways, these games are yours to keep provided you "purchase" them in the 24 hours that they are available for free on the store. You just have to keep checking back each day in order to see what game is being offered for free and determine then whether or not you want to claim it. Once you do, they're yours to keep forever and ever.

It is also expected that Epic will once again give consumers a free $10 off coupon to spend on their store. This $10 off coupon would actually renew itself after it was used, allowing you to perpetually get $10 off of each purchase, which are also already discounted from the sale. These aren't guaranteed to return, but it might be a safe bet since their previous sales offered similar coupons.

If you don't want to wait until December 17 to get a free game, you can pick up two of them right now. The Epic Games Store is offering both Pillars of Eternity - Definitive Edition and Tyranny - Gold Edition for free.

If you do want to pick up any items from the Epic Games Store, please feel free to use creator code or affiliate code "zips" at checkout. It helps the site out by helping me out, especially when it comes to covering any added expenses from running the site.