I'm sure it was fun while it lasted.
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Last week, Bungie released Destiny 2: Beyond Light to some content starved fans and with it came a new power, Stasis. With Stasis, players can freeze and slow enemies in both PvE and PvP modes and frankly, it's been a blast. The problem is that for the Warlock class, they may have been a bit too powerful, especially in the game's various PvP modes. Bungie definitely heard the complaints and today's update aims to reign in some of these overpowered Warlock abilities just a smidgen.

According to Bungie, Warlocks used to be able to freeze their enemies in PvP from up to 28 meters away just from their melee ability. That range has been dialed way back to being just 16 meters. Bungie also nerfed the Warlock Stasis super speed and range by fairly substantial amounts.

The good news here, and this is for all classes, is that freeze duration in PvP has been reduced by a considerable amount. While players in PvP used to be frozen for 4.75 seconds, the new amount is 1.35 seconds. While a lot of these changes seem to be a real smack in the face to Warlock mains, Bungie's community manager dmg04 reassured players that Warlocks will "still be wrecking shop with these abilities."

Sadly, much to everyone's disappointment, the Exodus Crash strike has been re-enabled.

The full list of changes in today's Destiny 2 Hotfix can be found below or at Bungie.net.

  • Fixed an issue where the Coriolis Force Fusion Rifle was getting more ammo than intended from ammo bricks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Witherhoard damage debuff wasn't being removed properly.
    • Witherhoard has now been re-enabled.
  • Fixed exploits with the Warlock Shadebinder Super.
  • Stasis breakout damage reduced (110->90hp).
    • Adjusted the curve that reduces breakout damage using Resilience.
    • Increased the damage reduction effect Resilience has so that higher tiers of Resilience are more valuable.
    • Caps out at 90 Resilience.
  • Penumbral Blast (Stasis Warlock melee) projectile speed reduced by 20%.
  • Penumbral Blast (Stasis Warlock melee) range reduced (was 28m now 16m).
  • Winter’s Wrath (Stasis Warlock Super) duration reduced (was 30s now 24s).
  • Winter’s Wrath light attack (Stasis Warlock Super) cost reduced (was 5% per burst, now 4.5% per burst).
  • Cold Snap seeker speed reduced by 23%.
Against Guardians:
  • Cold Snap freeze duration lowered (was 4.75s now 1.35s).
  • Ice Flare Bolts freeze duration lowered (was 4.75s now 1.35s).
  • Penumbral Blast (Stasis Warlock melee) freeze duration lowered (was 4.75s now 1.35s).
  • Winter’s Wrath heavy attack (Stasis Warlock Super) no longer affects players who are not encased.

  • Fixed an issue where Pinnacle rewards were not dropping at the correct Power.
  • Fixed an issue where several repeatable bounties were providing more XP than intended.
  • Fixed an issue on Exodus Crash where the Spider Tank wasn't spawning.
    • Exodus Crash has been re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing ARUGULA errors.
  • Fixed an issue where Fragment pursuits were purchasable with a full inventory.