Get your first look with the release just weeks away.
Madden NFL 21 next-gen

The next-gen release of Madden NFL 21 is slated to be released on December 4. We have not yet seen a single bit of next-gen gameplay until today. However, what we see here looks to be a slightly upgraded Madden NFL 21 experience that will include a few behind the scenes improvements to the game.

The big thing that EA Sports is pushing here are their "Next Gen Stats" feature that will have their virtual players acting more like their real-world counterparts and it's all based on statistics and real-world data. They take this whole idea step further by saying that next-gen gameplay will include Next Gen Player Movement that is powered by the NFL's Next Gen Stats of theirs.

Real-life player movement data - including route paths, acceleration rates and speeds - is captured by the NFL using sensors worn by every player in the league during each game. This data, called Next Gen Stats, is fed into Madden NFL 21to drive fluid animation selection based on how players actually move when running, cutting and changing direction on the field creating the most realistic player movement in franchise history. Next Gen Player Movement comes to life on both sides of the ball, with elite route runners running their actual routes logged by Next Gen Stats and showcasing explosive first steps and direction changes, while elite defenders will react more realistically to opposing routes and runs.(...)

In Madden NFL 21 players can also expect replays powered by the NFL’s Next Gen Stats, which provide breakdowns of key plays showcasing this exciting new data, to give players a strategic advantage to make adjustments to their game plan based on how the game is unfolding. Play calling in Madden NFL 21 is also new with star-driven play calling that makes calling plays more customizable and intuitive for players to get the ball in the hands of their favorite players, while also learning the rationale behind each play. Players will also have the ability to save their favorite plays to find quickly later.
Of course, along with the "next-gen stats" and all that comes improved graphics for the game compared to the old generation of consoles. The stadiums will look more authentic, the players will look better, there will be better deferred lighting across all surfaces, and new realistic weather. There are also the super fast load times that the next-gen consoles are known for.

Player bodies are also improved on next gen with unique body compositions across all positions, and visual details that change as the game unfolds. New cloth animation tech dynamically updates the jersey wrinkles based on player movement improving player silhouettes and making player bodies feel more organic and live. Plus, new location-based audio makes the sounds of the game feel like they are reacting to the player’s view of the action. In addition, the haptic feedback from the new DualSense controller on PlayStation 5 deepens the gameplay experience as players will be able to feel the impact of passes, catches, tackles, hits and kicks.
The next-gen release of Madden NFL 21 will be out for $69.99 (USD). This isn't the price for a special edition or anything, this is the base price. The next-gen improvements will not make their way to the PC release of Madden NFL 21 because reasons.