This game comes to you from Giant Scam, a totally legit studio.
Snapshot VR

Giant Scam Industries are happy to announce the release of their new "quick-fire VR arena shooter" that they're calling Snapshot VR. The game is now available through Steam Early Access after having had a previous Early Access release on Viveport. Snapshot VR looks to have a retail price of just $19.99 (USD).

Since the Viveport release, the team at Giant Scam (I love their name) have been working on fixes and polishing up the gameplay. They have also added in some new features and have taken community feedback to heart. This has all resulted in what they're claiming is the "most complete futuristic virtual paintball simulator on the market."

Teams of up to five players are tasked with trying to eliminate the opposing team or hit a buzzer in order to win a match. The game features one-shot "kills" and physics based projectiles. They also claim that there is "nearly unlimited map variety." In reality, there will be 70 maps to choose from, which is just shy of unlimited.

Snapshot VR supports the Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Vive Cosmos, Vive Cosmos Elite, Windows Mixed Reality, and the Valve Index. There will be support for additional VR device at the game's full launch. Where's the Google Cardboard support at, you cowards?!

The heart of any online game, especially a competitive one, are the people that play it; the community. During the Viveport launch, Giant Scam paid close attention to feedback from the players, and have added in a ton of fixes, updates, and new features to an already robust online experience. A practice mode, more analytics and stats, multiple locomotion settings to accommodate any VR comfort level, and with an in-house Map Creator on the way, Snapshot VR is polished up and ready to blow minds on Steam.

Launch Features of Snapshot VR:
  • Ready for the Runway: Snapshot VR will feature free, wearable cosmetics so players can customize their virtual snapshooter as they see fit. Do you want to be a cowboy? Do it — be a cowboy. You deserve it.
  • Layouts for Days: Thanks to the hard work of the creative (and talented) Snapshot VR community, the game will launch with 70 — that’s right, 70 — maps to choose from
  • Hit Scan is so 2019: In order to keep things as realistic as possible (in a futuristic virtual combat arena), Snapshot VR’s weapons fire physics-based projectiles, so learning the arc and trajectory of a shot is a vital skill to master
  • Built for Content Creators: As the recent pandemic has demonstrated, sports aren’t nearly as much fun without an audience. Thankfully, Snapshot VR has in-game tools for streamers, casters, and spectators.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: It can be difficult and intimidating to jump into a game designed for competitive play, so Giant Scam included a practice mode that features both stationary and moving targets, allowing players to sharpen their skills before leaping into the fray