BetMGM was the first online casino and sportsbook to offer legal online gambling within the USA. This meant that it had a head start over the competition. However, the initial offering was a bit lackluster and put some players off. Since the launch it has had time to improve what it offers and now has a much better service for players. We’ve taken a quick look at what it offers to players in order to help you to decide if BetMGM is the right site for you to play at. We will cover every aspect that you need to know.


BetMGM is a highly trusted site and is generally accepted as one of the safest and most secure online gambling sites there is. The choice of bets that it offers to players has increased and improved a lot since it first opened. It now gives players much more choice than it did initially, meaning that it’s started to grow in popularity. You can also use a cash out feature for some bets. This means that if your bet is winning you can cash out early before the game is over if you think that it isn’t going to win.

It offers bet boosts and promotions which means that players can get added value for their bets. There are also a good range of different payment methods offered to players. This includes both traditional payment methods and e-wallets. This ensures that players can easily make deposits and withdrawals based on their own needs and requirements.

BetMGM has increased how many sports that it offers to players. It currently offers more than 12 sports with more options being added all the time. Some of the notable sports that it offers are NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer (EPL) and MMA. This is just a small selection though and as previously mentioned the number of sports is constantly being added to, so if they don’t have your favorite sport at the moment, there is a chance that they will add it in the future.

On the whole BetMGM has learned from its first year in operation and has offered an improved service recently.

Betting Choices

BetMGM allows players to place money line bets, prop bets and parlay bets. These all differ across the different sports that are offered at the site. An example of this might be the Bulls to score more than 20 points in the third quarter. Obviously, this bet would differ for other sports and other teams. So it’s important to look over the different options that are offered in order to find the bet that you want.

In terms of odds BetMGM is comfortably inside the top 20 for all of the sports that it currently offers. The sport that stands out the most is MLB where BetMGM has been rated at number 1 a number of times and very rarely falls out of the top 3. Soccer is the one area where it is significantly weaker than other areas, where it rarely manages to get higher than 15th and has on occasion fallen outside of the top 20.

There’s also a range of live streaming options given on the site. This allows players using the app to watch some games live. As well as the live streaming options there are also in play betting options. Which means that reactive odds are offered as the situations within the games changes.

App Performance

The app itself is much smoother than when it was first launched. The interface is very simple to use and makes finding what you need an easy task. There’s also access to all support options in the app. So if you have an issue, you can easily get the support to provide you with the help that you need. It does have some room for improvement, but it’s definitely a lot better than the app that was initially launched more than a year ago.

States where BetMGM is Available

BetMGM is currently available to players in New Jersey, Indiana, Nevada and West Virginia. This is likely to increase over time as more states get licensing and BetMGM itself is able to get licenses for more states itself. It’s quite a good selection that offers access for a large number of different players. As the USA becomes more widely covered for online gambling, this will continue to grow.

  • The app is superbly designed, it’s easy to use and offers a great looking interface
  • The customer support is excellent. No matter what your issue is, you will get a resolution quickly and efficiently
  • In play betting options are excellent, players have plenty of different choices
  • There’s a fantastic range of different banking options making deposits and withdrawals very easy
  • There’s no options for learning about online gambling, players are expected to have prior knowledge
  • The odds could be a little bit better, with only MLB odds excelling