Big sales, bigger thrills and chills.
Fall Guys

Fall Guys seems to be a smash hit that has taken the gaming world by surprise. The game released for "free" as part of PlayStation Plus for the month of August 2020. Beyond that, it was also released on Steam, albeit not for free. Sales on Steam is one of the major focal points for a recent tweet from the Fall Guys' Twitter account.

Fall Guys on Steam has managed to surpass 2 million copies sold. That is 2 million copies sold since it was released on Steam back on August 4. That's 2 million copies sold in less than a week from independent game studio Mediatonic.

In addition to letting the world know about their sales numbers, Mediatonic also shared some other bits of information in their tweet. For instance, we know that there have been 23 million hours of Fall Guys watched on Twtich. There have been 60 million "fallen Fall Guys." Finally, they shared that there have been 1.5 million crowns grabbed by those that have won it all.

Undoubtedly the numbers would be even higher if the game did not encounter as many server issues as it has. That just seems to be the price to pay for a game that has seemingly skyrocketed to success essentially overnight. The team has been constantly working on making sure the servers are up for as long as possible, so I have to give them a ton of credit where credit is due. I'm sure it isn't easy handling something that nobody really knew would take off like this did.