The Yard is a smaller, tighter football experience.
Madden NFL 21 - The Yard

EA Sports announced The Yard, a new game mode coming with Madden NFL 21. The Yard is said to be a "fun, dynamic mode for players to experience backyard football with fast-paced, small-sided gameplay."

Players will get to create their own avatar for use in this game mode. You will outfit them in a variety of gear to a degree that has yet to be seen in a Madden NFL game before. There will also be unique skillsets that can only be used in this game mode, things that would not normally fly on a professional level. These include trick plays, behind the back throws, double passes, and the like. All of this takes place on "field locations around the globe."

For those who really just cannot wait to get started on The Yard, you can download and install the Madden NFL 21 mobile app. The app will allow you to create your avatar for use in The Yard game mode. From there, you can start earning rewards by playing The Yard: Underground in the mobile app. The mobile version of the game is a single-player focused 5v5 competition. The version of The Yard in Madden NFL 21 proper will be 6v6 that can be played solo, online co-op vs. the CPU, or in head to head multiplayer in teams of up to three players.

Shared accounts between the mobile app and the full game will allow you to access your avatar, gear, in-game currency, and Madden Rank.

House rules are the name of the game and creativity after the snap is where The Yard’s all-new gameplay takes full effect. New animations lead to momentum-shifting moments, where players can run up the score with extended play combinations. In the Gillette Style Zone, players will be able to customize their avatar, including facial hair, hairstyle and more, to express their individuality. Visiting the Gear Store allows players to outfit their avatar in fresh looks, with exclusive new gear drops planned all season long. Players will also develop their own playstyle as they rack up wins in The Yard, all while earning experience points, rewards and competing in new field locations with unique vibes and varied rule sets.