Will allow third-parties to sell add-on content to you within the game.
Microsoft Flight Simulator

As if Microsoft Flight Simulator wasn't already a massive game, it can still be expanded upon even more. That seems to be exactly what Microsoft and Asobo were thinking with the news today that Flight Simulator will include a third-party marketplace built into the game. This marketplace will allow for third-parties to sell and deliver add-on content directly to consumers.

This marketplace will be for approved developers to share their add-on content with the world. You know, just in case you were worried about it being filled up with junk or, God forbid, a different kind of junk in the form of a modified 747 that looks like a giant flying dick. That does not seem like it will be a thing that will be allowed under this system. This announcement comes directly from the latest game development update that was posted on July 16th.

For the first time, Microsoft Flight Simulator will include a built-in Marketplace which enables approved partners to sell their content directly to simmers.

The 3rd party creator community has been incredibly vibrant, delighting simmers with their creativity for many years. We recognize that creations by 3rd parties are a vital ingredient to broaden and deepen the Flight Simulation experience so we are excited to announce our Marketplace Partner Program which enables approved partners to sell content within our built-in Marketplace.
At present, there is no real barrier to entry. There is no cost to sign up for the partner program but you will still need to apply and be approved by the development studios. Those that are accepted will be able to set their prices on content as well as track their revenues. If you want, you can still publish your content outside of this marketplace and people are free to download outside of the marketplace as well. This centralized system just makes it a bit easier for people to find the kind of content they want in one location.

Why should I join?

We firmly believe that the new built-in Marketplace provides a great opportunity for you to reach more customers than you may be able to reach today. Our goals and aspirations with Microsoft Flight Simulator are to further expand on the success of FSX, which has sold millions of copies, and that even more people will experience the simulator through Xbox Game Pass for PC. The Marketplace allows simmers to purchase content without ever leaving the simulator, resulting in significantly reduced friction to complete a purchase.

The Marketplace will operate under an Agency model, which means that you, as the content creator, will set the price for every piece of content you submit. Becoming a partner doesn’t alter your ability to sell your content on your own websites and storefronts. Just like with FSX, you can continue to sell your content outside of our Marketplace. Becoming a Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace Partner essentially unlocks another channel for you.
Related to this is the news that Microsoft Flight Simulator will get a special retail release in some regions. The cost for mapping the entirety of the planet? 10 DVDs. That's right, Microsoft Flight Simulator will ship on 10 DVDs. This is obviously the best option for those with slower Internet connections or for those who simply enjoy owning boxed copies of their games.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released on PC on August 18, 2020 via the Windows 10 Store. Other digital retail options may be coming later though nothing has been confirmed just yet.