The game is pretty much ready anyway.

Wube Software has made the choice to move up the launch date for Factorio to August 14. The game was originally slated to come out in September, riiiiight about when a highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 is set to be released. Specifically, Factorio was going to release on September 25. Cyberpunk 2077, after its latest delay, is scheduled to release on September 17. That wasn't exactly looking too promising for Factorio, despite the two games being about as different as you can possibly get.

The devs at Wube Software seem to feel confident enough in the current status of their game and the readiness of their Factorio 1.0 release. This also seems to be helped by the fact that the team decided a little while back to cut a single player story campaign from the game. This move didn't exactly upset too many of their fans. Some of the other changes that were ditched for 1.0 is the fact that some interface elements will no longer be changed.

Wube Software made made their statement about this new release date in a blog posting.

Factorio, the factory building and resource management title, can be yours right now from Steam or from the Factorio website for $30 (USD).

The sooner the better
The general feeling in the office is that the game is pretty much done, and that we want to get it released as soon as possible. The sooner we get some closure on version 1.0, the sooner we can start thinking about fun and exciting new things.

So due to the co-incidence of cancelling several major features, we can afford to bring the release date forward. To be clear, we didn't cancel or postpone any features due to the Cyberpunk release date.

This new release date gives us 10 weeks, and from this point until Friday August 14th, the main focus for the team is on finalising the game, updating the trailer, and preparing marketing materials.