Warning: May be too scary for some.
System Shock remake

Nightdive Studios just released a new demo for their upcoming remake of System Shock. This new demo can be found at either GOG.com or through Steam. This demo seems to allow you to return to the Medical Bay with "all of System Shock's unlockable weapons for the first time."

Additional news is promised to arrive in June. In fact, they're promising that we're going to see "much more" from System Shock this June. Sounds exciting!

Do keep in mind that this remake is not the same as System Shock 3. That particular title, System Shock 3, now has its development being funded by Tencent.

Grab the demo now and return to the cyberpunk world of 2072 and get a first-hand look at Nightdive’s re-imagining of the classic, which adds a new look and feel to the game, but retains all the classic stylings, story, and gameplay of the original.