It's not easy being a merc.
Nine to Five key art

Redhill Games announced some tasty new details today for their upcoming team-focused, tactical, FPS they're calling Nine to Five. First off, the team revealed that the first PC closed alpha will begin on June 4. More information on that can be found below.

On top of the alpha announcement is an all-new gameplay trailer for the game.

Nine to Five is set in the near-future "where corporations rule everything." Ha, "near-future," good one. The game consists of three groups of three mercenaries going up against one another across three rounds. Each round has a different objective. Each round influences the next round. All of this is carried out through intense, quick, and tactical action. The team says that each match lasts just about 15 minutes, so there's really no time to sit back and relax here.

Redhill Games says that those who are interested in trying out the alpha can sign up at for a chance to participate. Signing up does not guarantee that you'll make it in, but it can't hurt. And now, be sure to check out the first gameplay trailer below.

“We believe shooters can be smarter — and smarter can be more fun. We want teamwork to triumph over brute force and reflexes, giving players a refined shooting experience with the freedom to customize your game plan as you see fit,” said Redhill Games CEO Matias Myllyrinne. “You can expect plenty of rough edges and thrilling surprises in the alpha, and we’ll be engaging closely with the community for your feedback on day one.”