In case you don't yet own the now 7-year old game.

On September 17, 2013, Grand Theft Auto V was released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Since then the game has been released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the PC via Steam, the Rockstar Games Launcher, and now through the Epic Games Store.

It just so happens that the Epic Games Store release is available right now for free. You can get a free copy of Grand Theft Auto V for free so long as you add it to your Epic Games account before May 21 at 11AM (PT).

Not only is it a free copy of the game, but it's a free copy of the "Premium Edition" of the game. This includes a $1,000,000 in-game cash bonus for GTA Online. This is included as part of the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. This money may take up to 10 days before it is credited to your character's account in GTA Online. This bonus money is only going to be given to those that have never purchased or owned the Starter Pack prior to this purchase.

Epic MEGA Sale

I would have told you about this freebie yesterday when the giveaway first started, but the Epic Games Store was knackered to hell and back for most of the day. Undoubtedly, this was a combination of this free GTA5 giveaway combined with the Epic Games Store MEGA Sale.

The Epic MEGA Sale offers up to 75% off of a lot of games from the Epic Games Store. Not only that, but Epic is giving you another Epic Coupon that allows you to take another $10 off of your first purchase made during this sale, so long as the item is $14.99 or more. This coupon applies both to games and eligible add-on content. Not only that, but you will get another coupon if you use one during the sale period. Any coupon still in your possession after the sale period ends will still allow you to take $10 off of any single purchase until they expire on November 1 at 2:59AM (ET).

Here's the part where I ask of you to use affiliate code "zips" when checking out either during this sale or at any point of purchasing items from the Epic Games Store. This code, zips, can be used for purchases of anything from the store including games, micro-transactions like V-Bucks in Fortnite, and any add-ons. Not only does that give me a very small percentage of the purchase, but that then helps to support this website. It's already been used a bit for a few months when we had gone over our monthly hosting budget. I do appreciate any and all purchases people have made or will make using that code. Thank you!