The longest look yet at Sucker Punch's latest.
Ghost of Tsushima

Sony and Sucker Punch heard that you like open world games. They also heard that you probably like ninjas and samurai. To that end, Ghost of Tsushima was created. Today, the studios finally showed off more than just a passing glance at the game that is slated to come out on the PlayStation 4 on July 17.

Today's State of Play video showcase for Ghost of Tsushima is the first real look we were given since E3 2018. It's actually only one of a handful of times that we saw anything about the game at all since its debut in late 2017.

The footage shown off today includes a look at a number of different gameplay aspects and even some non-gameplay focused elements. We get to see how exploration can be a breeze, sometimes literally. We see how players will be guided towards new locations or points of interest by simply taking in contextual clues from the environment. These clues include things like rising smoke, helpful wildlife, and even the direction that the wind travels. The variety of the world was also shown off to some degree, with a look at thick bamboo forests, open plains, rolling hills, and those fields of flowers you may remember from the first trailers.

Sucker Punch also introduced us to Jin, the main character in Ghost of Tsushima. Jin will be able to go toe-to-toe with fearsome opponents. He will be able to execute quick, single-hit deathblows against his enemies should the need arise. He can deflect incoming arrows with his sword while also parrying melee blows. Players can choose to go the "honorable" route as Jin and face opponents head on, or they can utilize stealth and quick assassinations as the more dishonorable "ghost" style.

Other features shown off during the showcase include a robust photo and video mode. There is also a feature that allows you to play the game through a filter that mimics the style of old samurai films. The teams also showed off how you can customize your clothing and style by finding dyes. You can even play through the entirety of the game with Japanese voice work if you so desire, regardless of the region you live in.