DOTA 2 Dwarven Sniper

Today we take a look at some of the strongest mid-laners in Dota 2 that will help you gain MMR or simply win games in normal Dota 2 matches.

The meta of Dota 2 changes frequently, and it’s nothing like it was a few years ago. Still, the mid position is the second most important position in the game, and that’s why it’s called the position 2.

Almost no pub game starts without a fight for who will take the mid lane, because people know how much of an impact they can have on the game.

Those fights are usually settled by a dice roll of 1-100, with the higher number winning and taking the lane for themselves.

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So let’s talk about three mid heroes that might bring you lots of money if you bet on the team that has them picked.

Ember Spirit

DOTA 2 Ember Sniper

Ember Spirit is a hero that can deal massive amounts of damage at all stages of the game. That’s why he is one of the best mid heroes in the current patch. There was a meta a few years ago where he was called “The Glass cannon” because he’d buy rapiers and wait for that big crit.

Nowadays, with many changes to the hero, and the addition of the Aghanim’s Scepter, he’s a tempo-controller who can carry his team. If the enemy doesn’t handle him early on, he will snowball and become unstoppable.

Of course, it’s not like Ember is auto-win every game, you have to know a lot about timings, power spikes, when to push and when to fight. All of this comes with experience.

Ember Spirit is one of the most picked heroes in WePlay!’s Pushka League Season 1.


Probably the least flashy hero on this list, Sniper, is a hero that gets underestimated a lot. But then it becomes too late. This hero just needs frontliners and a support hero that will get him out of trouble. He will just right click the enemy to their deaths.

In the early game, heroes can’t get close to Sniper because of his deadly Shrapnel ability. Unfortunately, Sniper is a hero that is easily ganked, and in a 2 vs. 1 situation early game will most certainly die.

Your support will have to babysit you until you are a force to be reckoned with.

Currently, this hero is having a 54% win rate and a 27% pick rate. This means it’s one of the best heroes to farm MMR.


DOTA 2 Zeus

Zeus is the classic PUB hero, and everyone loves playing him. The fact that you can deal massive amounts of damage from anywhere on the map is simply Godlike.

Zeus is a slow and squishy hero, but with a couple of items, he can set up the tempo of the game and obliterate enemies.

He is what you would call a “glass cannon” because he deals massive amounts of damage, but is also easily killed. Similar to Sniper, he is susceptible to early game ganks, and your supports will have a lot to do in the early game to keep you alive.

With a 54% win rate and a pick rate of only 14%, Zeus is one of the best heroes for MMR farming and winning games.