Free for a limited time, but yours to keep forever.

How's everyone out there doing? You staying home? If not, maybe another free game could entice you to spend more time self-isolating. This time the freebie comes from Bandai Namco.

Bandai Namco is giving away PAC-Man Championship Edition 2 for free from now through May 10. If you add it to your accounts between then and now, it will be yours to keep forever. Free game. Keep forever. But ONLY if you add it before time is up on May 10, 2020.

Easy, right? It sure is.

You can get your free copy for either:Sorry Switch owners. It does not seem as though you can get a free copy of the game for your preferred platform. From what I understand, it's rather difficult to change the price of a game to free on the Nintendo eShop? I'm not fully sure what the situation is with that. I believe another game, one of the Jackbox Party games, also had to settle for setting the price of their game to a few cents on the eShop while they did a giveaway on other platforms.

It's certainly a bummer. However, maybe a free copy on any of the other platforms will make up for it.

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