The world of slot games is as astonishing as the world we see around us. Full of strange, exceptional, exciting and adventurous things. In fact, even the number of slots is somewhere close to the number of walking beings on the planet (countless).

The slot games online have seen a gradual but significant change over the passage of time. When the first online slots were invented, they were just about replicating the land-based slot machines. Most of them were just 3 or 5 reel slots. However, the wheel of time spins frictionless and makes the course of everything change forever. Thankfully, things changed to be better for the online slots. We were introduced with many top-notch online slot games that won hearts all around the globe. Especially in the UK, which is like the world capital of slot games, there exists a number of slot games that give the best payouts, gaming experience and extra features.

You can get the taste of some of the best UK slots at Sailor Bingo. It is a site dedicated to providing easy games and great gambling opportunity. Here are the best slot games of 2020 you must try online!
  • Starburst - Starburst is regarded as one of the best slot games to have ever been created, let alone the year 2020. This slot game never gets old. Created by the world’s top game developer Net Entertainment, it possesses 10x2 paylines and several winning combinations. It has a payout percentage of 96.1%, which is more than almost 80% of all the slots that exist. However, it is not the money or reel that makes it better than others. It is its visual treat. The stars that take you to space is an experience one of its kind.
  • Wheel of Fortune - This IGT developed, 5-reel slot game is one of the best in its kind. It has earned its acclamation from critics and players all around the world. If you manage to somehow turn the wheel of fortune in the right combination, you can win up to £250,000. Now that is a prize that would excite all classes of people.
  • Wizard of Oz - If you have seen this movie by the same name, you probably know what you are going to see when you play this game. The Wizard of Oz is a movie-themed 3-reel slot game developed by Williams Interactive. This company is one of the oldest slot game developers and knows what the public wants in an online slot game. The game offers almost 30 paylines and up to £50000 winning amount. The visuals of this game are just as you see in the movie, mystical and afforested. Hence, you should not miss the chance of playing at this spectacular slot.
  • Aloha! - If you want a break from your hectic schedule but not leave your house, this is your answer! Aloha in the Hawaiian language is ‘hello’ and the slot game itself asks you to say hello to the Hawaiian vibes of the game. Another master-piece by NetEnt, Aloha is a cluster pay slot that gives out huge winnings when you manage a cluster. The best part is that finding these clusters is not a big deal, as you keep on getting free-respins throughout the game course. Hence, it becomes one of the few slot games where you can win more than £200,000. Start playing now!