Get ready to have Bungie let you down again.

Over the course of the past week, dedicated Destiny 2 players have been attempting to solve a complex puzzle within the Corridors of Time location. Thousands of players helped by contributing information, sharing screenshots of symbols, and offered up theories. Things like magic hexagons were involved in the puzzle. Pieces of lore were discovered in addition to a bonus code that gave players a free emblem. It has all been quite elaborate.

Some of the more dedicated fans created websites and programs to help solve the big mystery. These creations pooled the user submitted data in an effort to create what is effectively a giant map. Streamers spent multiple days straight trying to solve the mystery. Massive Discord conversations kept information flowing like water. However, the main mystery still remained. That is, it remained until today.

And what did fans get for their troubles, for their sleepless nights, for their brains melting into the ether? They got one day early access to an exotic weapon that Bungie already included in their Season of Dawn roadmap. The roadmap, pictured below, notes that on January 28, players would get access to the exotic quest line that would get them a new weapon, Bastion. Because the puzzle was solved, Bungie has opted to bump the availability of this quest up a week, so that starting tomorrow everyone will be able to get it without having to enter in any code.

What does this all mean? Well this effectively means that those that put the code in to the Corridors of Time today get less than 24 hours of an "early access" period before everyone else gets it on Tuesday. That's not the worst part of all of this. The worst part about all of this is the fact that the grand prize at the end of this massive puzzle was something they literally already announced, showed off, and included on their roadmap.

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn roadmap

One of the most complicated puzzles in the history of the franchise and it led to something that was already announced and publicized by Bungie. Fans are, quite understandably, disappointed to hell and back. A number of users have already started to voice said disappointment in this stuck thread in the Destiny subreddit. Some have even started to lament that the prize at the end of the puzzle may have been worth it if the weapon was good, but apparently it's incredibly lacking for an exotic.

How in the actual hell are you going to spoil the reward for the most complicated puzzle in Destiny history on a roadmap? This is just the latest in the never-ending series of massive missteps that Bungie has made with Destiny 2 these past several months.

If you want to access Bastion before tomorrow, you'll need to run the following path in the Corridors of Time. If you don't want to waste any more time on this crap, you can just wait until Bungie unlocks the quest for everyone tomorrow. Image and other information via Reddit.

Corridors of Time solution