Participate in the most lethal game show since The Price is Right.
Darwin Project

The Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview period for Darwin Project saw a bit over 3.6 million players participating in regular battles to the death. Today, Scavengers Studio announced that Darwin Project is leaving the early access period and is now fully released across all platforms. Those platforms also include the PlayStation 4 for the first time ever.

As all good battle to the death scenarios go, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The ice age is starting to kick in and a sick nasty new reality game show is the latest hit sensation. Participants in the show have to fight to the death in order to earn their survival.

This all seems simple enough until you add in the fact that one player each match will assume the role of the Show Director. They will watch the fights from the skies and can try to influence how the game will play out. This includes cutting off play areas or even having a player appear briefly on everyone else's minimaps.

There even seems to be some level of Twitch integration included with the game. Viewers will be able to place bets on who they think will win. Viewers will also be able to help the Show Director choose targets. They can also vote on who is deserving of a free heal and which zone section to get rid of next.

Darwin Project is free to play on all platforms. Today's release out of early access includes a new class system and an updated shop with new cosmetics. A bit more on today's new content can be read about below. You can also check out our previous coverage for Darwin Project for more videos, screens, and info.

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New Class System
Players can choose from among three pieces of Gear to determine their class specializations:
  • Jet Wings - The power of flight lets players out-maneuver their foes and deal death from above
  • Grapple Gauntlet - A mechanized hand that allows players to rapidly close the gap with their opponents
  • Headhunter Drone - A robotic companion to track targets and do the player's bidding
Updated Shop
  • New cosmetics
  • All items can now be purchased from the dressing room