The mobile game continues to grow four years after release.
Pokemon GO user spending

2019 marks the fourth year that Pokemon GO has been available to download across mobile devices. While you may have assumed that the game died out after the initial launch in 2016, the reality is a much different picture. The game is such a craze that there are even accounts for sale.

Last year, Pokemon GO saw users spending roughly $894 million. The previous "best year ever" for Pokemon GO was 2016 when the game pulled in $832M from consumer spending. 2017 actually saw a massive 29% decrease in comparison. 2018 continued the climb back to the top, having hit $816M in spending.

All of this data comes to us courtesy of Sensor Tower, a company that specializes in "market intelligence and insights for the global app economy." Additional details from Sensor Tower indicate much of that $894M in spending came from the United States to the tune of $335M. Japan was second, having spent $286M on the game. Germany pulls into third place with $54M spent.

Between iOS and Android, Android users spent the most on Pokemon GO. They accounted for $482M in spending, or 54% of the total. All of this spending over the years has totalled over $3.1 billion in lifetime player spending. On top of this, the game saw 55 million installs just in 2019 alone, most of which were done on Android devices.

Sensor Tower points out that the $894M figure places it in the fifth spot in the overall mobile gaming market. The top earner in 2019 was Honor of Kings from Tencent. That one earned a monumental $1.5 billion and even excludes some user spending data from third-party Android stores.