Updates released for DOOM give it a little extra kick in its step.
DOOM 1993

Both DOOM and DOOM II re-releases were updated today across all available platforms. These updates include access to a curated list of megaWADS, the SIGIL campaign from John Romero, support for add-ons, the ability to run at 60FPS, the ability to quick save, and some smaller adjustments.

The full list of changes are actually quite a bit longer than what is mentioned here. We'll provide just a bit more details on the highlights from today's patch. If you want the whole enchilada, you'll have to head on over to this thread on Bethesda.net.

Interestingly, it seems as though these re-releases are out now for the PC as well. Bethesda has pushed them live through their Bethesda.net Launcher. The new versions will appear as DOOM Classic (2019 Release) and DOOM II (2019 Release) on your list in addition to the older versions.

By the way, a couple of the first add-ons that Bethesda is releasing today include TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment. They were two packs that were included with the release of Final DOOM. They may not hold up particularly well against some other, more modern DOOM maps, but they were pretty damn great to play back in the day on the PlayStation, which obviously didn't have custom map support.

  • Add-On Support - Add-ons can be downloaded for free from the main menu for both DOOM (1993) and DOOM II. We’re launching with an initial batch of Add-ons, but we’ll be in touch with players soon for suggestions on the best WADs to include in the future.
  • 60 FPS Support - For the first time, DOOM (1993) and DOOM II now have native 60 FPS support on all platforms, up from the original games’ 35 FPS.
  • Quick Saves - While paused in DOOM (1993) or DOOM II, simply press R/R1/RB to save your current position. Should players need to load up that spot again during play, they’ll just need to head back to the pause screen and press L/L1/LB.
  • Quality-of-Life Adjustments - DOOM (1993) and DOOM II have been decked out with an arsenal of new options and quality-of-life adjustments, including a Quick Weapon Select feature, improved Level Select function, added Aspect Ratio and Brightness options, a new split-screen HUD and more.