What a mess.
Borderlands 3

The Stadia launch just continues to deliver. Deliver what? Well, not a great experience for most users. Today's launch of Borderlands 3 on the platform is certainly no exception.

Today's release of Borderlands 3 is old. By that, I mean the build of the game on Stadia is from around October 24. It didn't take any sort of digging or examination of details from the game to find this out either. Gearbox voluntarily let their consumers know that this is an old build that they're getting on Stadia. They also note that the Stadia release won't reach "feature parity" with every other version until "early in 2020."

We aim to achieve feature parity for all versions of Borderlands 3 early in 2020, but for the moment the version of the game that you play on Stadia has benefitted from the updates and fixes that were released through October 24.
If you are playing on Stadia and expecting to see Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot come out this week like it is on every other platform, that probably won't be happening. You can probably look forward to that in "early 2020" when feature parity finally catches up.

It gets worse. Despite the claims that Borderlands 3 on Stadia could be run "up to 4K 60fps," it fails to achieve that promise. Most users have found that the game will run at just 30fps at those higher resolutions, a far cry from the potential 60 the game is advertised with. The Stadia "Balanced" mode runs the game at an unstable 60fps, much like the Xbox One X. That kind of goes against Google's claims of being more powerful than an Xbox One X and PS4 Pro combined.

It also doesn't feature local co-op like the console versions do.

Be this the fault of Gearbox, Google, or a combination of both, there is one thing that's clear: It sucks.